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The US Army proudly claims to be the most technological advanced and highly skill fighting force in the world.

There is Army training from aviation to air defense, from armor to medical support.

Get Army training for more than 200 military occupational specialties. Army training is what turns an ordinary man or woman into a soldier. So whether their specialty is exiting aircraft at 1,300 feet, enforcing law and order around the fort or taking medical X-rays, US Army training helps soldiers develop skills and confidence they'll be able to use later on.

Fly Helicopters like the UH-60 Blackhawk
Army Training Programs include Aviation of the UH-60 Blackhawks, AH-64A Apaches and AH Cobras, to name a few. Their Air Defense Artillery weapon systems forged on the cutting edge of 21st century technology to defend deployed U.S. forces and friendly population centers from air and missile attack. Venture is where the action is -- up front alongside our battle tanks -- in a Bradly Linebacker to defend the maneuver force against attack helicopters, cruise missiles, and fighter-bombers... not to mention unleashing lethal Stinger missiles against intruding aircraft.

Great Careers! Great Experiences!
Other programs the US Army is known for: Infantry training, Medical training, Armor, Field Artillery, and Signal Operations & Intelligence training. There's US Army training for more jobs—in more exciting fields—than you would ever expect. From training to work with computers to assisting doctors to fixing helicopters, there's an Army job training program that's right for you. A job in the Army is called a Military Occupational Specialty or MOS and has a number and letter code. For example, an Infantryman is also called an 11B (eleven-bravo).

Today, soldiers receive US Army training in one of eight fields: Aviation, Air Defense Artillery, Infantry, Medical, Armor, Artillery, Signal Operations and Intelligence, and Chemical. Within these fields, you can get Army training in many high tech Military Occupational Specialties. Fact: high-tech US Army training makes soldiers more marketable in an information-based society. Today's soldiers get US Army training to operate technologically advanced aircraft, sophisticated battlefield air defense systems, hand-held computers to collect and relay data about their positions, Inter-Vehicular Information Systems, digital-burst radio systems, and fire-control computers.

The Army Training and Leader Development Panel - Civilian Study
The US Army has released the final study conducted by the US Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP) – the US Army Civilian Study. Previously released studies addressed commissioned officers (Phase I), non-commissioned officers (Phase II), and warrant officers (Phase III). The US Army Civilian Study is Phase IV of the largest self-assessment ever done by the US Army training.

The US Army Civilian Study Panel’s purpose was to identify training and leader development requirements for current and future Army civilians. The panel emphasized US Army civilians are part of the total force – Active, Reserve, Guard, Retirees and Family Members – and serve to support soldiers.

Data for the study was gathered from more than 40,000 Army civilians, soldiers and senior leaders through written surveys, focus groups, personal interviews and a senior leader on-line survey. The number of contacts and breadth of collection methods produced the most thorough study ever done in US Army civilian training and leader development.

The ATLDP Civilian Study



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